How is a mobile website better then a desktop website or a mobile app?

Inevitable: Mobile web has quickly become mainstream. More customers prefer doing their searches on a mobile device then on PCs. Website owners can now take advantage of the opportunity to connect with a whole new audience of mobile customers.

Cost Effective: Mobile websites are more cost effective then mobile apps or desktop websites. The content is more streamlined then a desktop website requiring less time for development. Also, a mobile app must be formatted for Apple and Android differently by an app developer certified by each organization. Having an app in each app store adds value for your customers but it also adds to your timeline and final cost.

Competitive: No one wants to look at a desktop website on a smart phone. You will stand out among your competitors, capture, and keep visitors attention with a user-friendly mobile website.

Engaging: Mobile websites engage the user immediately with user-friendly features like Call and GPS Locator functionality. Location aware technology connects local visitors to your business information when they are nearby.

Flexible: There are no specific requirements for a mobile website. You can enjoy a mobile presence without limitation. Mobile apps have requirements that must be met for each app store. This slows down the process for an app to be available for your customers. A mobile website is available immediately on all devices.

Fast: Mobile websites are designed for optimal download speed for quicker browsing with less waiting.

Connectivity: Mobile websites are universal. There are no downloads required. Most company’s recognize that getting a mobile website is an important first step for a well-rounded mobile presence. There are unlimited opportunities to target new audiences and turn them into customers.

User Experience: Mobile optimization improves the users experience and satisfaction. Mobile websites are specifically designed for smart phones and tablets for quick access to all the sites data.

Maximized Brand Identity: A mobile website identifies your brand and your business in a contemporary way letting your customers know you offer the most relevant services.

Search Engine Optimized: Mobile websites get improved rankings on search engines like Google and Yahoo as well as placement in local mobile directories.

Mobile Marketing Integration: Integration between online and offline media are bridged by the use of QR codes. All your marketing material like online advertisements, flyers, brochures, and posters can contain QR codes directing customers to your mobile website.